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Adopting these packages

retitle 127711 ITA: kde-designer - Qt GUI Designer (with KDE Widget support)
retitle 127707 ITA: kdemultimedia - Multimedia applications for KDE
retitle 127706 ITA: kdebase - Core applications for KDE
retitle 127705 ITA: kdelibs - Core libraries for KDE
retitle 127698 ITA: meta-kde - KDE meta-package
retitle 124184 ITA: kdoc - C++ and IDL source documentation system

(BCC'ed to control@b.d.o).

I will adopt the KDE packages, while Chris "calc" Cheney will take Qt, and
will also be the KDE3 maintainer when it comes around to it; by the time
KDE2.2 is phased out in favour of KDE3, I won't have the time to maintain
KDE, so it works out nicely.

:) d

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