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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance status

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 09:44:16AM +0900, YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:

> At Thu, 03 Jan 2002 21:07:33 -0700,
> Matt Taggart wrote:

> > > Is there anyone who utilize dpkg-cross?

> > I used it for bootstrapping Debian on hppa, it's *very* useful. I didn't need 
> > to make too many changes. I still need to submit a patch for hppa support. At 
> > the time I was too distracted by having a native toolchain to spend time on 
> > dpkg-cross patches :)

> > The things I changed for hppa are available at,
> > http://cvs.parisc-linux.org/build-tools/dpkg-cross/

> That's right, I know its usefulness as well as you.  I worked with
> dpkg-cross for binary-sh bootstrapping last spring. That effort
> resulted in the Dreamcast Linux Distribution later.

> We must have accumulated numerous improvements and much know-how on
> dpkg-cross through such a rare experience as bootstrapping Debian for
> the brand-new architecture.

> I simply feel it regrettable to leave them being lost.  We should
> share them.

If there is renewed interest in improving dpkg-cross, there are a few 
issues yet with building multi-binary packages that include libraries 
that I'd be happy to help work out.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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