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Re: quake I for woody

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 11:51:44AM -0500, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> > The stuff outside I have done.  Back in March or so I designed a nice,
> > complex, and complete system for handling gamedata.  It would work as
> > long as an engine using it had fs_* Cvars and config files.  Unless of
> > course you did something unexpected in your config file, in which case
> > it puked. Too fancy, and it broke.
> Solution without a problem. Game data must keep its name, and both registered
> and unregistered Quake game data always has to be in id1.

Since the shareware data does not traditionally work in QW at all and NQ
does not keep track of the game directory, I've continued putting it into
idsw.  I suppose this discussion could move to debian-devel-games at this
point though, which I might actually still be subscribed to.  Seems that
the only traffic that list gets anymore is spam.  I'm not actually on
debian-devel anymore.

> > I can actually do the necessary work to get the shareware thing done
> > next weekend (I'm going on holiday for a few days and won't have much
> > time for code..)  As for the registered game installer, I've got
> > something written in perl for that already, but it's not much and it
> > comes with a big warning that perl is not a language I actually grok.
> I have had a quake-shareware package ready for upload since I needed one to
> finish the QF packages, about 3 months ago as I remember it. It's at my apt
> repo, alongside the (~1 month old) QF packages that depend on it.

I'll look at these.  Thanks to the flu - er, I mean ANTHRAX(!) - the only
holiday I'm taking is a trip to the store for Theraflu and chicken soup,
so I'll probably look tonight.

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