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Re: quake I for woody

Joey Hess wrote:
> Jeff, unless I'm mistaken you've taken over maintainence of the debian
> packaging of quakeforge and you have fairly current packaging in the
> quakeforge-current tree in their cvs. I remember that when knghtbrd
> decided to remove quakeforge packages from debian, it was because of
> technical problems with the state of the quakeforge codebase, and, it
> seemed to me, because of political type problems as well.

Yeah, I'm doing the Debian stuff, at least within QuakeForge. There are two
problems with the packages; the lack of menus, and the problems with handling
default sound output. I could make the default null, but then most people will
think that QuakeForge doesn't have sound. Last thing I did was use
alternatives to provide a "default" sound plugin, which worked nicely, but
then we did some nasty things to plugin symbols which allowed people to
statically link all of them into the main executables. Runs faster, but you
can't load a plugin with a different name any more.

Looks like it's time for debconf, I suppose.

> Years ago, I used to maintain those non-free, binary-only packages, and
> I didn't pass on maintainence with the expectation that quake would be
> removed from the archive entirely later down the line. I would rather
> see those nasty old packages copied from hamm (or was it rexx) woody

bo, I think.


> [1] Which don't seem fully resolved to me; they're still merging
>     code and have not produced an easily usable game with nicities
>     like menus). But maybe it's usable and just hard to use, which
>     documentation can solve well enough.

Not unusable, but arcane to someone who is new to Quake or isn't used to
dealing without menus.

new game: map start
invert mouse: m_pitch "-0.022"
normal mouse: m_pitch "0.022"

> [2] Or main, if Ben insists. And yeah, if necessary, I'm volenteering,
>     though I'd not be able to give it the time it probably requires.

I don't really think it could be in main at this point.

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