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Re: How to put files at a location determined at install-time.

David Z Maze wrote:

Marc L de Bruin <marc@debruin.org> writes:
MLdB> What I am trying to build are a couple of packages (let's call one of
MLdB> these mydata.deb) containing just ordinary files, related to a
MLdB> specific application. All these packages Depend on a generic
MLdB> configuration package. This configuration package determines the final
MLdB> location of these ordinary files by asking the user via
MLdB> debconf.

Why do these files not have a specified location?
Because their location depends on the lay-out of the filesystem of a specific system. It is getting more complicated now, but one of the requirements is that the root-user should at least have the choice to put these files on the same filesystem as the 'home' filesystem, because in that case, users can make hardlinks to these files from their own home directories. This is an important feature for the usage of the files.

On my system, I have hde1 (mounted as /), and md0 (hde2+hdg1, mounted as /raid1). The home-dirs are on /raid1/home and I have a symlink /home -> /raid1/home (this probably is a bad thing, I know).

So, the root-user might want the files to be physically installed on /raid1, e.g. /raid1/mydata, so that a user "blah" (/raid1/home/blah) can make a hardlink from /raid1/home/blah/afile to /raid1/mydata/afile.

Therefore it is up to the root-user (and his filesystem) where the files should end up after installation.

Is this possible? Thanks again,


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