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Re: How to put files at a location determined at install-time.

Marc L de Bruin <marc@debruin.org> writes:
MLdB> What I am trying to build are a couple of packages (let's call one of
MLdB> these mydata.deb) containing just ordinary files, related to a
MLdB> specific application. All these packages Depend on a generic
MLdB> configuration package. This configuration package determines the final
MLdB> location of these ordinary files by asking the user via
MLdB> debconf.

Why do these files not have a specified location?  The two cases I can
think of are (a) you're installing something that's system-wide, in
which case you can just pick a location as the package maintainer, or
(b) you're installing something that potentially multiple users would
want to use.  In the case of (a), I'd just unpack under
/var/lib/genericpackage, and then use a symlink or Apache
configuration or whatever to tell whatever it is that uses the files
where they actually are.  For something that multiple users could
potentially want to use, really the best thing to do is provide a
tarball in the package, and let the end-user be responsible for
unpacking it where they feel is appropriate; this is the approach the
various kernel module packages use.

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