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Re: An alarming trend (no it's not flaimbait.) (fwd)

Damn, I didn't want to post here anymore, but looks like I need to add
some points. :-(

On 26/12/01, Brian Wolfe wrote:
> 	Heh, I was not aware that a non-developer could subscribe to d-d.

Looking at http://lists.debian.org and reading the list description
would have told you that before.

> On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 08:41:54AM +0000, David Graham wrote:
> <SNIP>

> > Nice bait.... I'll bite, but if you want to read it you'll have to
> > subscribe... It's not fair to throw the rock and hide the hand 

> > 1) learn how to properly format a mail message (i.e. fold at 75th
> >    column)

> 	Oops. Darnit, how to do this automaticly with vi?

By reading the documentation or hasn't vi some documentation? Look
around for textwidth and wrapmargin.

> > 2) learn how to package a deb and adopt whichever package you think
> >    you're better at maintaining than the original maintainer

> 	Read up on packaging, attempted applying diffs from debian , 
> sucessfully I might add. But as for creating new packages... I haven't had a 
> lot of time to try it. ;-P Mind you this has been in the last 2 years...

Aehm, if you already successfully applied the diffs to a source package,
then it's not difficult to build a new debian package from that source.
And it's enough if new developers start by taking over old packages that
they daily use and which have been orphaned. 

> > 3) if the package is dead upstream, fork it and maintain it
> >    yourself. Most free software licences allow it.

> 	Anyone care to donate a time machine to me? I know this sounds routine
> and a lot like an escapeism but..... I honestly do not have to time to maintain
> my own GPLd software, run a company, advocate Linux smartly, make nice with 
> the family, maintain a 5,000 sq ft warehouse, maintain my sanity, and have
> a life. Adding package maintenance would be just a little more, but i'd like
> to regain at least ONE of the seven days of the week for myself before delving
> into somethign as complex as properly packaging a program for debian.

Well, taking over the upstream for a software is quite difficult since
you need to know the source well and be a good programmer. But
maintaining a debian package doesn't require that much time and
knowledge. So if you find enough time to send loud complaintments to
this list and then discuss them, it would be better to stop sending
those complaints but instead spend the time by sending in an ITA or ITO
for some debian package and help improving debian.

> 	I can say this though, if Debian were to address the issues I have
> brought up in a realistic manner, I would be willing to toss my personal time
> into the project once I have some available, as well as possibly some idle
> company employee time once I can afford it.

Who is Debian? This is a _volunteer_ _based_ _organization_ so everyone
is spending the time on the tasks he's interested it. And even you won't
be able to force anyone to address the issues who posted, until either
he has enough interested and time to take care of some or you pay some
of our developers to take care of this issues. Or maybe you even find it
enough time to take care of them yourself and contribute that way to


P.S.: I'm aware that some parts of this mail maybe seen as a bait for
flames, but that's not the intention. I'm just writing my own opinion
and statements about this and will now switch back to silence and
disappear in an unseens shadow. :-(
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