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Re: An alarming trend (no it's not flaimbait.)

On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 01:38:53AM -0800, David D. W. Downey wrote:
> * Pierfrancesco Caci (ik5pvx@penny.ik5pvx.ampr.org) wrote:
> > 
> > Nice bait.... I'll bite, but if you want to read it you'll have to
> > subscribe... It's not fair to throw the rock and hide the hand 
> > 
> > 1) learn how to properly format a mail message (i.e. fold at 75th
> >    column)
> Quit pickin at the measly stuff and pay attention to the content of
> his words. Laying the bear trap here only gets you laughs from the
> other hunters.

	I deserved a little bit of this. I'm no saint. :) To be fair he did 
separate this out from the meat of his reply. But thanks for the defense. :)
> > 
> > 2) learn how to package a deb and adopt whichever package you think
> >    you're better at maintaining than the original maintainer
> > 
> Pointing out a failure in a system doesn't mean one has the ability
> to do what you are asking. It simply means he found a failure. In
> this instance, his becoming a maintainer does nothing to solve the
> problem he's point at other than for that single package. Pushing
> someone off into this section only further proves the point that
> debian's starting to potentially fall apart since you completely
> prove that you either failed to hear or desired not to hear what
> his content.

	He agrees with me on several things. Just a bit more cautious about it.
> > 3) if the package is dead upstream, fork it and maintain it
> >    yourself. Most free software licences allow it.
> > 
> > 
> Please explain how him maintaining it helps the other packages in
> trouble as well. Or are you trying to suggest that the package he
> spoke of is the only one of it's kind in trouble or that no other
> packages in debian suffer from the fate he describes?

	If I had the time, then i'd be taking over the packages that I use that are rather flawed. It's a start. 

> > Have a nice (redhat|mandrake|windowsXP) day
> > 
> Not even worth more than this snicker.
> OK, I'm getting in on this one, regardless of opinions. Sorry, but I
> have to agree with Brian here. 
> OK, my little history to show what grounds I make my stand on.
> I've used linux for quite a few years now. I started with SLS Linux
> kern ver 1.0.8), was there at slackware's inception, ran Peanut,

<snip snip snip *whew!* snip snip *GRIN*>

> Cheerfully singing my name to this,
> -- 

	That is a great suggestion! I believe I can toss in some of the one 
developer-type person I have doing work for me to trackign down the root of 
some of custier packages. Mind, his time is on a side-deal agreement, so he 
isn't an "emplyee" in the normal sense of the word. But I will see if I can 
get some of his time in trade to add to this. I'll pick out a few of the 
most-used packages that I have and see what the reality is on them. If they 
are maintained by a slacker (no pun on slackware intented or wanted) then 
I'll swat em with a Clue Bat(tm) as sugested here. :)

	FWIW, I love debian for several reasons despite it's flaws... here 
they are in no particular order...

#1 (ok, so this IS the biggest. ;) ) It's not a for-proffit corp! Community 
CAN have a potential influence. It's maintainers *usualy* use the packages 
they maintain daily.

#2 it's the only Ture Open Source distro out there that I know of.

#3 It started with a noble goal in mind, and started with an attitude of 
quality. If not, then where the hell did the idea of apt-get and dpkg come 

#4 Pick-o-the-week application ability. More than one editor, browser, 
filemanager, graphics tool, library-xxxx, etc, etc, etc. Now this DOES 
need to be curtailed in the interest I described in my first post. But 
for the short haul, until the horse has all it's harness back on it.

Brian Wolfe <brianw@terrabox.com> "Down to earth computing!"
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