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Re: Quake 2 sources GPL'd

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> That's not true. If it is possible to create game levels for it that are
> free, than it is considered free. It's not like you can't get anything
> but id's game data.

I think it depends on whether there are any actual game levels around
which are free.

The distinction between contrib and main is not whether it is
*possible* to create something free which the contrib software would
be useful for; it's really whether there *is* such a thing.

If the only practical use of the engine is to run non-free levels from
id, then it belongs in contrib.  If someone has levels (that at are
all fun--that is, which are real games) which the engine works with,
then it belongs (along with those levels) in main.

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