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Re: Forcing debconf to use default answers

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Sounds like a good idea.  Is there some way to activate such driver
> during the first install?  We are building a special purpose CD, and
> would like to provide override answers to all the questions asked by
> debconf, but would also like to use the original debconf and just make
> an extra package to install on the CD.

Yes, you can drop a script into /usr/lib/base-config/, and have it
fiddle around with debconf however you like. It'll be run as part of
base-config. See the base-config man page for details. The script could,
FE, shove a bunch of defaults into the debconf db.

Or you could make your package edit /etc/debconf.conf (violating policy,
I suppose, as it is a conffile) and make it use the new DbDriver. Of
course you have to get the DbDriver written first.

see shy jo

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