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Re: [kmail] yes, it's stuffed

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 07:50 am, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm getting a great many messages telling me that kmail and knode are
> both stuffed in 2.2.2-5. By simple empirical evidence, this appears to
> be correct; however I did not compile 2.2.2-5 myself (it was sponsored),
> so it may be a bad compile/upload on that person's behalf.
> I need to upload a -6 soon anyway to fix a stuffup in the klisa
> postinst, so I'll make sure that that's compiled with the newest and the
> best, and gcc2.95.
> In the meantime, if the people concerned could give me as much info as
> possible (strace, package and machine info, everything), I'll be a very
> happy man. The bug in question is #123337; it's tagged "help" for a
> reason. ;)
> Anyone have any clues?
> Thanks,
> Daniel

I will mention that, when accessing my mail.yahoo.com account, and 
when the number of messages there is greater than usual (like around 100), 
kmail says "Couldn't login. Internal error"


P.S. Hope people in CC: have something to do with kmail. Thanks.

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