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Re: "see /usr/doc/<package>/changelog.Debian.gz" broken

Richard Atterer:
> For some time now, the "see" command has no longer had a default
> viewer defined on my machine. It used to default to "less", which was
> the Right Thing because you could read README.gz, changelog.Debian.gz
> etc.
> But now I only get an error:
>     Warning: unknown mime-type for file '/usr/doc/<package>/changelog.Debian.gz' -- using '*/*'
>     Error: no mailcap rule for action 'view' for type '*/*'
> The mime-support changelog does not contain any entry about a
> corresponding change to /etc/mailcap. Anyway, the version in testing
> was uploaded on Aug 9, but I've only had this problem for the last few
> weeks.
> So whose bug is this, or would some people argue that it's no bug at
> all?

See Bug#117639: */* is not allowed by RFC-1524.

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