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Re: invisible libraries in /usr/X11R6/lib

B.Maruszewski@jtz.org.pl writes:

> I use debian testing/unstable and have got a problem:
> I installed Matlab, and it says couldn't find libXt.so.6, which is
> installed and ldconfig -v shows that lib.
> So I created a link /lib/libXt.so.6 -> /usr/X11R6/lib/libXt.so.6,
> and matlab noticed that library, but doesn't see libX11.so now :(
> usr/X11R6/lib:
>         libSM.so.6 -> libSM.so.6.0
>         libdps.so.1 -> libdps.so.1.0
>         libXrender.so.1 -> libXrender.so.1.0
>         libX11.so.6 -> libX11.so.6.2
> [...]
> ii  xlibs          4.1.0-9        X Window System client libraries
> ii  libc6          2.2.4-5        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone

Matlab might be linked against libc5. You would need the xlib6
And remove this /lib/libXt.so.6 before it screws you up.


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