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CD-RW Group, is "generic" always a CD Burner??? (Re: Bug#123550: perms: generic should be set)

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   comments; perhaps not all responses need be sent to BTS? ]

>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@microsharp.com> wrote:

    Karl> I think that the perms for the scsi generic device
    Karl> (typically a CD burner) ought to be set.  root:cdrom
    Karl> ug=rw,o=

    Russell> Is the generic SCSI device ALWAYS a CD burner or similar
    Russell> device?  Or are there situations in which a hard drive
    Russell> could be accessed through it?

 I have no way of knowing.  Does anyone else know the answer?

    Russell> Also I believe that in most cases the authority needed to
    Russell> burn a CD is different to that needed to read a CD.
    Russell> Therefore the cdrom group would not be appropriate.
    Russell> Maybe we need a cdrw group?

 I'll second that suggestion.  It seems appropriate to me.  Can we
 allocate another group?

   On the subject of the "User & Group Database", I think that the
   Linux Standard Base spec for that ought to be a lot more like the
   Debian Policy Manual spec for it...  I submitted a comment to them
   about that, but I bet it would not hurt if someone they'll take
   seriously ;-p would write in about it also.  You can find what I
   wrote if you look for it in their ticket tracker.


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