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Re: chkconfig for Debian

Mika Fischer (mf@debian.org) said:
> One thing I'd really like to see is something like the default runlevel 
> config chkconfig stores in the init.d-scripts.
> My suggestion would be something like:
> # rc-default: S:- 0:K20 1:- 2:S20 3:S20 4:S20 5:S20 6:K20
> # rc-local:   S:- 0:K20 1:- 2:-   3:S20 4:-   5:-   6:K20

Have you read
http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/refspecs/LSB_1.0.0/gLSB/sysinit.html ?

In particular
addresses comment formatting stuff.

It would be nice to adopt a format of this fashion, as it doesn't limit
someone from adding another system init package (that doesn't use
arbitrary numbers like SysV init) in the future.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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