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Re: Need new key signed (live in NYC)

also sprach Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@debian.org> [2001.12.08.1859 -0800]:
> Hi all. My GPG key expired in August, and I need another debian
> developer to sign a new one. I can provide a new key (not yet
> created) signed by the old one, and a request signed by both keys
> for the new one to be signed by another DD. The old key is of course
> in the Debian keyring, and once this is done I will submit the new
> one to replace or augment it. If this is not secure enough, or
> certain enough, for you, I can also meet you face-to-face if you can
> get to New York City. Please reply via private mail, or if you must
> reply to the list, be sure to CC me.

uhm, why not just change the expiration date? from what i understand,
the expiration is only applicable to a public key, the private key can
be changed in terms of expiration... or am i wrong?

actually, your signing key can be changed in terms of expiration, your
encrypting key will expire, but that one is independent of

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