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Re: Debian menus policy

Brian Mays wrote:

> Actually, I think that we should stick to the traditional behavior
> of each particular window manager as much as possible.  That is, if
> I'm accustomed to window manager xyz behaving in a particular way by
> default on other Unix-like systems (including other Linux systems,
> like RedHat), this should not change simply because I'm using a Debian
> system.  Otherwise, I would consider Debian to be a rather obnoxious
> distribution in the way that they do things.

Yes, I suppose that's probably best. It's a mild pity, though, as it
complicates some types of generic instructions that one might like to
write, that would work regardless of what window manager or desktop
environment you were using.

> If you would like to improve and standardize things, why don't you work
> to make the little menu key that comes on most PCs these days pull
> up the standard Debian menu?  Certainly, this is one behavior that I
> think everyone can agree on.  This key works on my laptop, since I've
> customized my system to use it, but AFAIK, it does not work by default
> on a standard Debian system.

Good idea, and this should certainly be done, but it's a shame there's
no common thing you can do with the mouse for this purpose. I think a
lot of people, especially those coming from a Mac or Windows background,
will automatically look for something to click on.


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