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Re: update_excuses zope (also related to Bug #122443)

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 07:09:55PM +0100, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> It's hard to say because without opdate_output this information is now no
> longer available. 

It's back at its old location as of tomorrow, albeit in a slightly different

> A problem is that there are versions of zope-emarket,
> zope-guf and zope-loginmanager (and perhaps other packages as well) 

A bunch of packages haven't been updated even though zope now conflicts
with them:

    zope-emarket zope-eventfolder zope-guf zope-loginmanager zope-popyda
    zope-psycopgda zope-pygresqlda zope-renderable zope-tinytable
    zope-worldpilot zope-zcvsmixin zope-zieve zope-znavigator zope-zshell

A few others have been updated but aren't valid candidates (generally though
RC bugs or that they've only just been uploaded):

    zope-ldap zope-pagetemplates zope-parsedxml zope-pythonmethod
    zope-zpatterns zope-ztutils

These will all disappear from testing in the next day or two, probably. (And
will reappear later if they're fixed)


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