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update_output no longer available ? [Re: update_excuses zope (also related to Bug #122443)]

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > Well zope has a critical bug (#122443) but I wonder about the time after
> > the 10 days zope was in unstable without critical bugs and compiled for
> > all architectures.  Why did it not went into testing earlier?
> >...
> It's hard to say because without opdate_output this information is now no
> longer available. A problem is that there are versions of zope-emarket,

  This leads to a simple question : why is update_output.txt no longer
  available? This text file contained the most important clue about
  problems with packages entering testing.
  Please don't tell me that testing script are being rewritten as
  we are in the middle of a freeze?

Jérôme Marant

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