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apcupsd package dead?

	I had the misfortune of recommending Debian to a group I
associate with and then, while helping them install everything, finding
that the Debian testing/unstable apcupsd package is completely
	I checked online and sure enough, there is a "158 days old"
grave bug report that basically explains how the package does not work
at all (and since this is UPS power-outage shutdown support, that is
really important).  I won't go into detail as to what is broken, the bug
report handles that nicely.  Suffice it to say that I had to edit an
included script just to enable basic functionality, and most of the
features still don't work.
	I looked on the packages needing work, and up for adoption,
etc... but it is not there.  Basically what I want to know is what I can
do about this.  I am not a Debian Developer (yet ;) and can't do much
myself, though I would take over maintenance of this package if I were
(assuming that is even an option, since there is technically someone who
is supposedly maintaining it already).  I've heard differing opinions on
this list (e-mail the developer, don't e-mail the developer, etc...),
and am really not sure what I can do about this.

Steaphan Greene <stea@cs.binghamton.edu>
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