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Re: Debmirror (Was: partial mirroring)

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Joey Hess wrote:

> It's my understanding that Joerg plans to get that package into Debian
> eventually.
I talked with him and I hope he will just upload his package really soon.
This would enable qualified bug reports and would hopefully attract
clever Perl programmers who will fix the bug which breaks my mirror since
several weeks.  Perhaps I should keep the bug-report inside the archive
and it applies to the package to come?

> Joerg is the official maintainer of debmirror; I passed it to him once I
> was unable to maintain a mirror for myself anymore, and so couldn't work
> on the program. Send bug reports to him.
Done some weeks ago.  Joerg has plans to fix the problem which seem to
be very reasonable.  But I'm afraid that there would grow up forked
developments while Joerg is busy pamming and so I would prefer an
official package in the current state.

> This is a pity, but it's not too suprising, since this is a new task and
> no one implementation has reached a state where it dominates the field
> (though debmirror seems to have a larger mindshare than most, it
> certianly has its limitiations as well).
Well debmirror worked for me for several month until I was running into
timeout trouble ...
I would really love debmirror as *the* way to maintain a Debian mirror.

Kind regards


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