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Re: partial mirroring


Roland Bauerschmidt <rb@debian.org> wrote:

> I wrote a small Python script to create a partial Debian mirror. In
> contrast to other mirror scripts that I know of, it is capable of
> mirroring a given list of packages from multiple dists. To be able to

I wrote a mirror package, too. But it mirrors the whole distribution
parts, not "single" packages.

Maybe apt-proxy do similar things your script does.

> do this, the script parses the Packages files and keeps track which
> information goes with which dist (apt-ftparchive or dpkg-scanpackages
> wouldn't work for multiple dists). After fetching the required packages
> (if they don't exist already), the Packages files for all dists are
> generated from the information gathered previously. 

Whats about cleaning up unused packages, and a seperate config file?

> I use this in
> combination with a Perl script I wrote some time ago which accepts a
> list of packages and resolves all dependencies with AptPkg::Cache. The

Maybe one programming language is better for the future.

> code could probably be cleaned up and documented, but otherwise it seems
> to work.

I'm interested! Documentation is very important, i think.

May the source be with you!

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