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Re: Debmirror (Was: partial mirroring)

Tille, Andreas wrote:
>    Maintainer for debmirror is (unknown); Source for debmirror is (unknown).
> because there is no official package.  I think I have to close this bug
> but I *REALLY* hope that *ANY* of those debmirror interested people will
> make an official package.

It's my understanding that Joerg plans to get that package into Debian

> It's a really silly situation!  We have a fine software, several people
> are building packages but nobody will care about bug reports because
> there is no official package.

Joerg is the official maintainer of debmirror; I passed it to him once I
was unable to maintain a mirror for myself anymore, and so couldn't work
on the program. Send bug reports to him.

> While doing that perhaps some forks appeared some others write the same
> software from scratch.

This is a pity, but it's not too suprising, since this is a new task and
no one implementation has reached a state where it dominates the field
(though debmirror seems to have a larger mindshare than most, it
certianly has its limitiations as well).

see shy jo

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