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Debmirror (Was: partial mirroring)

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001, Hans Freitag wrote:

> Otto Wyss <otto.wyss@bluewin.ch> wrote:
> > Just if you want to try again another implementation of partial
> > mirroring, look at "http://www.problemlos.ch/~otti/";.
> If everybody post his solution, here is my. ;-)
> deb http://ftp.president.eu.org/debian unstable macrotron non-free
> The package is named debmirror, it consists in some perl scripts, a
> sample config file and some manpages.
> The script loads the Packages.gz and Sources.gz and all files listened
> in this files via rsync. If a file already exists download is ommited.
> After all the script removes obsolete files.
> The alternative usage of wget and $HOME/.mirror.cf is planned for the
> future.
I'm really happy that I could choose between such a lot of mirroring
scripts.  I will just download them all right now and start mirroring
a bunch of servers all in parrallel to fill all harddisk I own.


To be honest.  Some times ago there was an announce of Joey Hess that
he has written debmirror.  I downloaded it and it worked (with exception
of some strange output - but I've got a partial mirror with a reasonable
way to exclude things I was not interested.)

Joey once told me that he handed over the work to another maintainer
Joerg Wendland <jorgland@sol.wh-hms.uni-ulm.de>, who should care about
a Debian package and would continue developing.  I tried his
inofficial preliminary Debian package and it worked but showed some
timing problems which we discussed.

It was my fault that I've thought that there would be an official package
of Debmirror because I included


in my sources.list.  I filed a bug (#122199) where I described my timing


and for sure it says:

   Maintainer for debmirror is (unknown); Source for debmirror is (unknown).

because there is no official package.  I think I have to close this bug
but I *REALLY* hope that *ANY* of those debmirror interested people will
make an official package.

It's a really silly situation!  We have a fine software, several people
are building packages but nobody will care about bug reports because
there is no official package.  Is there any reason to keep this useful
software from archive and instead building several different Debian

While doing that perhaps some forks appeared some others write the same
software from scratch.  Come on people find a reasonable consense soon
please to not wast our time!!!

Kind regards


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