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Re: X autoconfiguration

On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 03:02, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Yes.  You're missing the fact that it works exactly as you describe.
> The code was even tested under such a configuration, and known to work.
> I'll make a note to never ask you to read a shell script, even one with
> multi-line comments explaining what it is doing, ever again.

Always the smart-ass, hmm?  ~,^

OK, honestly, I believe you that it is supposed to work.  I'm assuming
then that somewhere this script loops?  because I only see it writing
one Mouse device out, ever.  I see at line 274 it's grabbing the mouse
port, once.  So how is it finding both a PS/2 and USB mouse?

And you know what, never mind; as I'm typing this I just realized I read
line 310 completely backwards.  This is what I get for writing e-mails
at 3 am, yes?

In any event, there's still the fact that it didn't work on my laptop; I
had to configure the USB device manually.  What could have caused this? 
Would it be because it was from a *very* basic Potato upgrade (I don't
recall having X 3.x installed, ever, but perhaps I'm mistaken there).

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