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Re: X autoconfiguration

On Sun, 2001-12-02 at 01:11, Josh Hansen wrote:
> I have been thinking that a major roadblock for new users in adopting linux 
> is the difficult process of configuring X Windows. Are there any projects 
> that intend to automate the configuration of X in the same way Hotplug 
> automatically configures devices? Hmm...

Hmm, if Debian does get its own such auto-config, it needs to have
attention put into laptop and related issues.  For example, There should
always be a second mouse device that is USB if the machine supports
USB... so that USB users can just plug in a mouse in addition to the
built-in mouse (which is usually PS/2 on laptops).

Also, things like being able to select a brand/model of keyboard and
load a correct xmodmap file so that "hot keys" and so on work correctly.

Sean Etc.

> Thank you
> - Josh
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