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Debian GNU/w32, may ready to be started?


Mark Paulus has succesfully built dpkg under a cygwin environment and
installation instructions for a basic Debian system.

IMHO, the whole thing is ready to be officially started. both dpkg binaries
and html
files can be found at http://debian-cygwin.sf.net. most base system
packages are not
yet ready but this will take little time. installing cygwin from upstream
covers the base
system for now.

The port name was agreed to be 'w32' last time when A Menucc1 posted about

There aren't any licensing, DFSG-compliance or policy problems, since w32
packages don't
necessarily depend on a nonfree platform:

This port is meant to run on any win32 implementation. Some win32
implementations are free (wine, reactos), others are not (microsoft).
free implementations are of course recommended and cygwin is proven
to work fine on wine.

if it comes to start the port, i suggest to contact Mark Paulus
<mpaulus78@earthlink.net> first for his comfirmation that the thing is


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