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Re: hurry up already with official 2.4

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I had too needed the 2.4.x kernel for installing a server. I had to download 
boot-floppies, and roll my own kernel/boot floppies. This worked excellent 
for me!

I don't think 2.4.x should be default kernel in Woody, but I do think one 
should be able to download and use ready to go 2.4.x boot floppies, if one so 

Thus why don't you help make a woody 2.4.x boot-floppy release, build 
bootable iso images and so on. That would help the situation.


On Wednesday 14 November 2001 18:09, David Larsen wrote:
> ok guyz
> i use debian on a few computers. but i think its pretty bad that you don't
> have an official 2.4kernel based distro.  yeah, i know that woody is in the
> 'frozen' stage, and you can modify potato to use 2.4 kernel, but for cryin
> out lout, kernel 2.4 has been out over a year now.  i see countless people
> making the mistake of using redhat, mandrake, slackware, turbolinux, etc. 
> I think that if debian had a 2.4 based distro that was 'release' people
> would FLOCK TO DEBIAN.  After all, the aforementioned distros are piss
> poor.  I'll admit that switching to debian was the best chioice i ever
> made.  I started using slack in '93, then went to caldera, piddled around
> with redhat/mandrake, then corel (cuz it was a debian based distro), then
> finally to potato.
> HURRY UP!  i know you dont release anything but quality, but this is
> getting way out of hand.
> -dave

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 Jørgen Hermanrud Fjeld


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