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Re: lintian and (non-)conffiles in /etc

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Itai Zukerman wrote:
> 1.  all files in /etc are configuration files, and

Yes. All files in /etc are configuration files. Packages should use /var or
/usr for non-configuration files.

> 2.  it really is policy that configuration files included in a package
>     must be marked as conffiles (though I can't find that in the
>     Policy Manual), and

Yes. If you include a configuration file (and thus any /etc file) inside the
.deb, it MUST be marked a conffile.

> 3.  all configuration files must be in /etc (which is definitely in
>     section 11.7), then

Yes. All configuration files must be in /etc :-P

> why do we even need conffiles?  Haven't I just defined a conffile as a
> file in /etc included in a package?

Ayup, but we do not know the future, and being able to mark any file as a
conffile gives us some extra flexibility.  Besides, someone might want to
use the .deb format to package stuff that goes in /opt, for example.

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