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Nvidia + GLX texturing not working correctly

Hello, about 3 days ago or so I upgraded my unstable box. This seems to
have broken a number of linux games. Notably, Rune and Quake3 do not
texture correctly. Here's what I mean:

The weird thing is that Quakeforge, Prboom, Unreal Tournament and Soldier
of Fortune all work. As does Chromium. Thats a fairly broad range of open
and closed source apps that are fine. 

Now, my kernel (2.4.13), nvidia drivers (1.0-1541) and X version (4.1.0)
have not changed. The only thing I've done is apt-get update/apt-get

I've tried rolling back xserver-common as I noticed in the changelog that
something had changed as far as GLX was concerneed. That didnt help. 

I thought perhaps it was my hardware. I swapped out my Geforce2 for a
Geforce3 with the same results. 

Asking around I found a few people on #nvidia and #debian on OPN that had
the same problem. All of us are running Debian/unstable. 

I also saw mention on debianplanet.org that other people are having issues
with their nvidia cards also. However, that didnt quite sound like the
same problem we're having only with GLX texturing. 

Before this degenerates into a circular argument about licensing, nvidia
being evil for not GPLing their drivers and the inherent superiority of
XYZ, I just want to point out that this issue seems to be unique to
Debian/unstable in particular and not linux in general. I know someone
running SuSE 7.3 who isnt experiencig this problem. I wasnt having any
issues over the past few months that I've been running unstable.

Unfortunatly I dont know what exactly could be causing this as I'm unsure
of the inner workings of X 4.1.0 and GLX. I started downloading the
sources this AM. I plan on building my own X 4.1.0 and seeig if this
problem still occurs. Should it not occur, who should I notify? I wish I
could track down the exact package that caused this.

In the interim, if anyone on this list has an idea about where to start,
please mail me about it. I'd appreciate any help at all in tracking this

If this turns out to be something nvidia needs to patch, is there a way to
roll back X? How may i find a list of files, and where would I look for
older debs. Rolling back X and putting it on hold pending a fix from
either side is an acceptable solution for me.

I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but I was unable to find
anything in the archives. If this hasnt been answered, is it a bug in
unstable or nvidia's driver? 

Mental (Mental@NeverLight.com)

"I call him free who is led solely by reason."

GPG public key: http://www.neverlight.com/Mental.asc

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