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Re: Daemon/Service Management

> i think you'll find that a lot of people DON'T like that because it
> throws away valuable error/diagnostic messages reported by the daemon
> itself in order to get a nicely formatted pretty green "done" or red
> "failed".  i.e. it's a triumph of image over substance.

When done right, it will display both the real error message and a
fancy red failed message.
Currently, i don't notice some error messages during bootup, because
they disappear to fast and are not highlighted in red.

> we already have a good init system. it works well and has been tested &
> refined over many years. it isn't broken, so don't fix it.

I do not like SysV Init. Other might neither.
So why not _think_ about a different future system.
I'm not talking about woody or ANY Debian release. Maybe not even a
single piece of code. Just about the concept.
And why not give the user the choice of another init system?

And just because init works reliably (so it's not broken, yes), this
does not mean it cannot be improved.

At least a lot of init scripts CAN be improved. Lots of them do not
provide "reload" capabilities, neither do they return a good status code
or even care if their service starts at all. Most are just a primitive
wrapper. And there ARE extensions to the init system like
start-stop-daemon etc. - so maybe some of these features could be
integrated better.


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