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Re: Daemon/Service Management

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 03:02, Kenshi Muto wrote:
> > i think you'll find that a lot of people DON'T like that because it
> > throws away valuable error/diagnostic messages reported by the daemon
> > itself in order to get a nicely formatted pretty green "done" or red
> > "failed".  i.e. it's a triumph of image over substance.

Craig is correct.

> Well, I know it is really troublesome job to change all of
> /etc/init.d/* files. But it's not so bad idea that all init files
> return meaningful exit status code (If it comes true, making wrapper
> like RedHat will be easy).

I agree.  I think that if a script in /etc/init.d succeeds in what it is 
trying to do then it should return 0, otherwise it should return something 
else.  Then the user can decide what this should mean for their system.  
Ideally we'll eventually have the option of Richard Gooch's init setup for 
those who want it...

Please file bug reports on any scripts you discover to not perform properly 
regarding exit status.

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