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Daemon/Service Management

Note: This reply detaches a lot from the original subject.

I actually like the concept of Dj Bernstein's daemontools.
But his licence is awful, his directory layout would insult the FHS,
his coding style is very special and the author is said to be
"an asshole" (this was just a quote, i've never talked to him)

But i like the concept of a master daemon monitoring the services,
as well as setting up a directory per service.
Removing a symlink to disable a service is a nice way, too ;)
I'm no fan of sys-v init, and file-rc is just a slight improvement
(having everything in one file actually isn't much better...)

Daemontools doesn't have runlevels, i think. Furthermore i consider his
TAI Time logging paranoid, making the logs less readable for humans.

But i think it would be great to have some kind of "servicetools" under
an open licence with public discussed concepts etc. Then the community
could get rid of the drawbacks (and add runlevels p.e.)

I could imagine a directory layout like this:

                    /bin -> /usr/lib/_name_/service
                    /log -> /var/log/services/_name_

where in the options file, runlevels, service name etc. are configured.
/usr/lib/_name_/service contains the start, stop, reload etc. scripts.
(as bin is a symlink, any user is free to replace it with an own
directory and "override" the default scripts!)
the log symlink is just for convenience.

For stopping/disabling, one could
- add an option into "options"
- make /etc/service/_name_ a symlink and remove that (like with

I also do like the way SuSE and Redhat display the succes of their init
scripts by displaying colored "done" or "failed" in a separate column.

Unfortunately, i don't think i'm a coder as good as to write such a
service daemon; this should be done by very experienced coders.
(well, this actually is some kind of "init"...)


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