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Re: Darwin Streaming Server

* Shaya Potter <spotter@cs.columbia.edu> [011031 15:36]:
> The discrimination clause was made to prevent an application for being
> "DFSG" free to some people, and not DFSG free to everyone.  If that
> would be the case, then the DFSG says, this is not really not free.  In
> this case, we have a different sort of discrimination, not something
> that is non-free for some people, but just a more restrictive DFSG free
> for some people, therefore that shouldn't remove it from the ranks of th
> DFSG free.  

I read this that you assume that the need to give somebody an copy of
your private modifications is a "more restrictive DFSG free" form. 
While reading this list and debian-legal I was of the impression that
the common view to this fits to my optionion: That having to give a copy
away renders it totally non-free. I makes usage impossible for those,
that have no means to reach the creator. (Beeing in some dictatorship
or in the djungle without communication outside are the
standard-examples). And what if the creator will no longer exist?
(i.e. it is an person and dies, or it is an company getting bankrupt)
How can you make private modifications, if you can no longer fullfill
this clause?

  Bernhard R. Link

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