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Re: Darwin Streaming Server

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Mattson <colol@ionet.net> writes:

    Colin> On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 12:34:56AM -0500, Shaya Potter
    Colin> wrote:
    >> so a license that is DFSG free to everybody, just different
    >> amounts of DFSG free to different people is considered
    >> non-free?

    Colin> Correct, and that's exactly why it's non free -- it's
    Colin> different amounts to different people.

This discussion came up recently on debian-legal and it's not clear
that your interpretation is consistent with what wasn't quite a
consensus there.

In particular note that everyone can choose to treat the license as if
it said they had to distribute their changes.

However, debian-legal has tended to view licenses requiring changes be
distributed to be problematic in many cases because it makes it hard
to do disconnected development for example without a connection to the
Internet etc.

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