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Re: Installed sather 1.2.1-5 (i386 all source)

Dans un message du 29 Oct à 11:16, Branden Robinson écrivait :
> According to Debian freeze practice, NMU'ing to fix unbuildable packages
> is acceptable without advance notice.

Quoting "7.3 When to do a source NMU"

"During the release freeze (see Uploading to frozen, Section,
NMUs which fix serious or higher severity bugs are encouraged and
accepted. Even during this window, however, you should endeavor to reach
the current maintainer of the package; they might be just about to
upload a fix for the problem."

<FLAME style="Overfiend">
Maybe you want to get in touch with debian-l10n-english to be sure you
properly understand the developers reference.

As I've said before, you did _not_ contact him although he had a fixed
version. Furthermore, software which is extra/optional priority is not
in freeze so you _had_ to contact him.

> However, Eray had warning since he left a "does not build from source"
> bug open against his package for over 3 months, and one NMU had already
> been done (in March of 2001) by Colin Watson, which fixed build problems
> even then.
> Some fun facts:

I think that Eray has provided enough information on these issues. If
you think that he has not, please follow the procedures thoroughly.
Your way of acting always discredits your motivation.

Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>

    If it doesn't work, force it.  If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

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