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Re: Installed sather 1.2.1-5 (i386 all source)

On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 03:09:51PM -0400, Eray Ozkural wrote:
> Format: 1.7
> Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 20:35:27 +0300
> Source: sather
> Binary: sather-browser sather-mode sather sather-lwp sather-doc
> Architecture: source all i386
> Version: 1.2.1-5
> Distribution: unstable
> Urgency: low
> Maintainer: Juichi Uekawa <dancer@debian.org>
> Changed-By: Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr>
> Description: 
>  sather     - Compiler and programming environment for Sather.
>  sather-browser - A Tcl/Tk based class browser for Sather.
>  sather-doc - Documentation for the object oriented language Sather
>  sather-lwp - pSather - Parallel extensions to the Sather environment
>  sather-mode - Emacs mode for editing Sather programs
> Changes: 
>  sather (1.2.1-5) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Add stuff from Branden Robinson's timely NMU
>    * fix: the correct build dependencies are tcl/tk 8.2 rather than 8.3.
>      sather doesn't build with 8.3 yet.

Eray obviously did not actually look at the sather 1.2.1-4 package I

Juichi, if you want to maintain this package that's fine by me, but
please understand that Eray is not prone to sound package management
procedures, and you should give his changes extremely high scrutiny.

On two occasions now, he has failed to properly examine NMU's before
uploading a new version.

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