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Re: Installed sather 1.2.1-5 (i386 all source)

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On Monday 29 October 2001 18:16, Branden Robinson wrote:
> * On October 18th, 2001, John Daily expressed his intent to NMU the
>   package and fix the above release-critical bugs.

> * The same day, Eray replied, claimed he was working on the problem, and
>   expressed his intent to put the package up for adoption "some time in
>   the future".

That is correct. I was working on the problem. I was done with some of the 

I plan to leave it to an actual Sather developer/user so that it can get 
proper treatment. I offered it to some hackers but I didn't receive a reply. 
In particular, the person who's going to take sather ought to package the new 
beta version as well as the stable release.

> * So, Eray is fast on the trigger (under 2 hours) to tell people not to
>   upload NMU's of a package, but much less quick (over 3 months) to
>   resolve release-critical bugs in the same package.

Eray resolves bugs in his local working directory and then sits idly because 
he knows that it's very difficult to find sponsors and he has finite time for 
book-keeping. On the IRC lately, I found a chance to find more sponsors and 
began doing some releases. Next was sather, and unfortunately it didn't 
happen soon enough. 


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