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Re: Keeping information on the build system

Le lun, oct 15, 2001, à 09:51:34 +0200, Yann Dirson a écrit:

[snip] > Please
> get my current dh_buildinfo (URL somewhere in the thread) and comment
> on it :)

Oh no ! not _again_ one more generally useless file per package on the file
system ! 

rationale: the buildinfo file is cool and nice ; but does it really have its
place on the live file system ? (I'm not thinking big modern development 
machines which don't run ext2fs nowadays, but basic single-task junkware
recycled PCs).
Wouldn't it be more reasonible to have this file somehow "concealed" in the
.deb binary package, and be extracted only on request (yes, this requires to
keep the binary around, even after installing it, if you want to keep the
option of reading that information afterwards and the system is not
regularly updated).

Alternatively, couldn't this information be collapsed into special-purpose,
generated control fields, with some facility to let dpkg filter that out of
available on systems which don't need to keep that information around ?

(same facility could be used, btw, to keep descriptions out of available,
for low-resource machines. On my router, descriptions take up 59% of the
available file, and when you only have 8 Mb, RAM space and disk bandwith 
arent't cheap. By the way, if someone has four 4-Mb sticks of 8-bit SIMM, 
please make an offer... (no, don't rush. The Alcatel-and-France Telecom 
conspiracy may force me soonish to buy an USB-capable router)

Oh, I know. Someone's going to jump on me to either point me to the FM
(because the filtering function has been implemented for ages), or remind me
that I can always send patches, or brush this idea as totally moronic (or
maybe two or three simultaneous options) <grin/>.

	-- Cyrille


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