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Re: Keeping information on the build system

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Bill Allombert wrote:

> OK. I have compared my solution with your's in term of package list.
> ---- my solution get the list of packages installed to fullfill the build-deps
> from the autobuilder
> --- your solution compute all installed package that can be used to fulfill the
> build-deps.
> So in theory my solution give a smaller list.
> In practice due to the way autobuilders work ( i.e. starting with only
> build-essential packages and then adding a minimal set of packages to fulfill
> the build-deps), the two solution will held the same result, always.

Actually, no. Autobuilders must have build-essential packages installed,
but can have more. A good example is debhelper; it's not build-essential,
but it's being used by lots of packages, so some autobuilders keep them
installed. They can, as long as no package build-conflicts on it...

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