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Re: FYI: intent to NMU to fix SDL + static X extension library problem

Scott Dier <sdier@debian.org> writes:

> > It it's only on these grounds, I object to breaking all sdl-related
> > packages in a freeze and making Debian-only changes to sdl-config
> This fix actually makes SDL usable on more platforms, therefore its more
> important than not fixing it.  It gets worse before it gets better.

Providing libXxf86dga.so would also fix the problem, would work on all
platforms, would avoid breaking all SDL packages and would be more

> Lastly, it doesn't break binary compatibility if things were compiled
> sanely.  I've tested with a couple loki games and they seem fine.

Loki games are linked statically to avoid the problem.

> Debian isn't just every other distribution, we are one of the few that
> actually give a care about working on more than i386, and by doing these
> changes it helps that goal.

Yeah, and Debian is also about consistency. Having all .a as .so is


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