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Re: FYI: intent to NMU to fix SDL + static X extension library problem

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

> 1) Some of the X extension libraries (namely libXxf86dga, libXxf86vm,
> and libXv) are available only as static libraries.  This is because
> XFree86 wants these libraries available only in static form, and our
> practice of shipping them this way is compliant with a Debian policy
> proposal ratified in August[1].

Why should libXxf86dga, libXxf86vm and libXv built statically only?
I did a quick search and could not come up with any reason.

AFAIK, at least Suse (xshared-4.0.3-35) and Mandrake
(XFree86-libs-4.0.3-11mdk) ship these dynamically.

What's the rationale?


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