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Re: dpkg -l and other tools do not report all packages?

Previously Erik Steffl wrote:
>   didn't find anything, I can't even think of what to search for (I
> tried various combinations of dselect, apt-get and some other words...),
> browsed 2001, found nothing...

Look for debian-dpkg arhives and search for design should work
I suspect. Probably about 1 or 2 months back in the discussion
about description translations.

>   IMO it's quite obvious that any high level tool (front-end) should
> work with the low level tools (back-end, that's where the db of packages
> and their states belongs).

Provided the back-end db can store the necessary info, which it can't
in this case and Jason decided to create a new db instead of
enhancing the existing one.


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