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Re: dpkg -l and other tools do not report all packages?

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Erik Steffl wrote:
> >   why is that? is there any way to get accurate information?
> dselect update. If you only use "apt-get update" you only update
> apts database of available packages.

  [also in reply to other email I haven't received cause I wasn't
subscribed: about this being a known problem]

  I missed the previous discussions so I would appreciate the update:
are there any plans to fix the problem (of not having common database of
known packages)?

  I mean the current situation when I have to go to web page to find out
which packages are available (or trying different tools based on which
program I used to update) is quite annoying and since the package system
is central to debian distro so I think it's important to fix it. ?


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