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Re: dpkg -l and other tools do not report all packages?

  discussing problem of separate database of packages for dselect and
apt-get (and dselect updating db for dpkg, so unless one uses dselect,
dpkg doesn't show all available packages)

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Erik Steffl wrote:
> >   I missed the previous discussions so I would appreciate the update:
> > are there any plans to fix the problem (of not having common database of
> > known packages)?
> Feel free to search the archives.

  didn't find anything, I can't even think of what to search for (I
tried various combinations of dselect, apt-get and some other words...),
browsed 2001, found nothing...

  well, I still feel free to search archives... but yes or no from
somebody who knows would help... or at least when approximately this
discussion occured...

> >   I mean the current situation when I have to go to web page to find out
> > which packages are available (or trying different tools based on which
> > program I used to update) is quite annoying and since the package system
> > is central to debian distro so I think it's important to fix it. ?
> One could argue you're not using it consistently by using dpkg
> to search and apt to update it. Either use dselect update, or
> apt-cache search.

  one would be MS employee I assume...

  IMO it's quite obvious that any high level tool (front-end) should
work with the low level tools (back-end, that's where the db of packages
and their states belongs).


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