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Re: grisu and DDTS

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 07:50:44AM -0500, Vince Mulhollon wrote:
> I18N of a description by someone else, in my opinion, is no different than
> a NMU change.  If you think there is a difference, what is it?

Translated descriptions are not part of the package (yet) and can be
updated completely asyncrhonously from the package itself.

> The response will merely be to quote the NMU policy that developers should
> be informed when their package changes.

Only of the NMU policy applies, which it does not, because:

* there is no file in the package to patch;
* no upload of the package is necessary for the translation to be made

> As a hint, the definition of spam is not "any email that I personally
> don't like".

True.  "Automated, unsolicited, bulk email" works for me.

> By that definition, I suppose every bug report and this email itself
> is spam, which is silly.  Also, I have not heard complaints about the
> equally automated BTS emails.

I don't get email from the BTS unless I file or manipulate a bug report.

> The whole issue is all a false front for people whom hate I18N, and will
> not let the truth stand in the way of their hatred.

Irrational, illogical, and false.

I, for instance, have pleaded on multiple occasions for more
translations of the debconf templates in my X packages, and yet the
translators for most languages have been inactive for months.   Still,
when I get them, I typically update my packages with them quickly, and
thank the submitters.

Want to help with i18n and l10n?  Help translate debconf templates.  I
can't do anything with the translated package descriptions at present,
but I'll be happy to incorporate them once there is a mechanism for me
to do so.

What I *DON'T* want is dozens of automatic, unsolicited mails in my
inbox notifying me about something I can't do anything useful with.

See the URL in my .sig.

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