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Re: wajig: Simplified command line admin for Debian

On Fri, 2001-09-28 at 02:50, Colin Walters wrote:

> I guess the Debian way is just to let tools like feta and wajig
> compete (and even coexist), similarly to aptitude and deity.  It would
> be really nice, though, if these two programs could be merged somehow.

Actually, Graham and I have sent a couple of emails back and forth, and
some of wajig's functionality is being/has already been merged into Feta
(toinstall, topurge, toupgrade, whatis, and whichpkg, the latter 3 as
shell scripts using Feta's plugin system).

Most of the commands are compatible between Feta and wajig as well,
including upate, upgrade, dist-upgrade, install, reinstall, reconfigure,
hold, remove, purge, source, build, clean, search, and bug. The next
release of Feta will also have aliases for more wajig commands.
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