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Re: wajig: Simplified command line admin for Debian

Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@cmis.csiro.au> writes:

> Wajig is a simplified command line interface to many of the typical
> Debian administration tasks, including package management and
> configuration, and daemon control. It is essentially a collection of
> "tricks of the Debian trade" packaged up into one python
> program. Underneath it uses apt-get, dpkg, apt-cache, wget, and much
> more.  On the surface it is based around a collection of commands
> that hopefully make some sense.

I think Debian really does need something like this.  Having to
remember to use apt-cache for searching and apt-get for
downloading/upgrading is annoying, and confusing for newbies.
Although it looks like wajig's goal is even broader than fixing that.

I guess the Debian way is just to let tools like feta and wajig
compete (and even coexist), similarly to aptitude and deity.  It would
be really nice, though, if these two programs could be merged somehow.
There are already so many levels of tools in Debian that I fear adding
two different, incompatible frontends might make things more confusing
for newbies (and more difficult on the author of the future Debian
system administration manual).  Again, I don't see a quick fix for
this; I'm just raising my concerns in the hopes that someone else
does see a good solution...

> Wajig can be installed by adding the following to
> /etc/apt/sources.list (not yet an official Debian package):
> 	deb http://edm.act.cmis.csiro.au/debian ./

Apparently no one else has mentioned this to you by now: the server
gives a 301 (Moved Permanently) to, which is
rather useless to those of us not logged on that machine :)

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