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Re: bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP)

* Steve Greenland 

| I am so tired of hearing things like this. Nobody is forcing anyone to
| do anything. We already "force" them to use 2.2 instead of still using
| 2.0. You want the functionality, you use the right tools. You want to
| stick with 2.2, then *you* deal with the issues. The maintainers have
| suggested a reasonable solution. If you don't like that solution, then
| it's *your* problem, not theirs.

You forget something -- 2.2 is the default kernel on many

The right way is, imho, the way postfix deals with it.  It took quite
some time before I discovered it chrooted itself.


Tollef Fog Heen
You Can't Win

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