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XFS Kernel image packaging

Pardon me if I sound like a newbie here.  I am fairly new to the Debian
way, but I am a Linux veteran.  I have noticed that there are patches
available in the debian package tree for the XFS filesystem but there are
no available kernel-image packages with XFS already built in.  Is there a
specific reason for this or is it just because no one has stepped forward
to offer such a package?

If the latter is true I would be willing to be a maintainer for a
kernel-*-xfs package set if no one else is working on it.  I haven't been
able to find any references specific to making kernel packages in the
packaging manual or the policies so I'm also curious about whether or not
official debian kernel packages are created with the make-kpkg command or
if it has to be done with dpkg-deb tool.  I've used the make-kpkg command
to create kernel packages, but they always come out with a custom-1.00
label on them and I haven't figured out how to get around that.


Russel H. Ingram
Unix Systems Administrator
Institute for Scientific Computation
University of Wyoming/Math Dept.
Phone:  (307)766-6546
E-Mail: ringram@uwyo.edu

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